I01-kendalljenner.jpgn honor of Instagram’s fifth birthday, the social media app, which currently has approximately 400 million users, is looking back on its short, massively successful history.

Did you know the first photo ever shared on the app was a picture of founderKevin Systrom’s dog? The post only managed to nab 42,400 likes, which is paltry when compared with the most-liked photos in Instagram history.

So far, Kendall Jenner is winning the most popular photo competition by a mile. A picture of the model lying down wearing a Zuhair Murad dress with her hair shaped into hearts has 3.1 million likes. Taylor Swift’s photo standing next to a bouquet of flowers that Kanye West sent her after the Video Music Awards trails in second place with only 2.5 million likes


Instagram also revisited the first posts of some of its most popular users. Beyoncépremiered her account with a photo of herself sporting a “Texans for Obama” T-shirt. Katy Perry teased her first Vogue cover in 2013, and Rihanna debuted her BadGalRiRi feed with a Bob Marley image.

It’s worth noting that the top five most popular users on Instagram today are all women. Swift leads the pack with 49.7 million followers, proving cat photos and famous BFFs both have mass appeal. Her account is followed by selfie-pro Kim Kardashian West (48.1 million), pop queen Beyoncé (47.3 million), and former Disney stars Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande (46 million and 44.7 million followers, respectively). On Instagram, who run the world? Girls.


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