Incident1 :

Me : Hey cool hairstyle ya. You look great!! Where did you get your hair cut?

He(friend) :Salon near my house

Me : how much did he charge you for this?

He: 100 bucks

Me (inside) : Even i got my hair cut. He didnt even notice and moreover i spent 2000. These guys , need not spend too much! :/

Me(outside) : Ohh nice nice. Awesome!!

Incident2 :

Me: (At 1.00AM) Hey whats up?

HE (friend): Going out to RAM KI BANDI (A famous dosa point in hyderabad) will you come?

Me : No, you guys carryon (Jealous level raises to 1000)

How can you people go out when ever and where ever and how ever you want *jealous*

Incident 3 :

Me : hey i am so sorry, I lost the Sennheiser(which nearly costed 4k) head phones which you gave me the other day 😦 I left it in the cab and i called the cab driver but it isnt there. I am really very sorry for that 😦 😦 (Almost crying)

Cousin(brother): Hey its okay..chill.. i will get another one. no problem. Now smile πŸ˜€ (he might be scolding me badly inside but he never showed it)Β  _/\_ _/\_

I mean seriously!! How can you be so cool man! I will start worrying and will shout at my sisterΒ  even if i dont find my kajal stick πŸ˜›


He: coffee?

Me : hey ,i am sorry about that day.

HE : about which day?

ME : so you dont remember, me talking rudely?

He : Oh that one. Take it light yar. No problem. Coffee?

Me : ya sure πŸ˜€ (What a man he is!! If it was me i would have expected a 100 sorry s)

How can you guys take everything light!! I wish i was like you :/ *jealous*

Incident 5 :

After a big fight at home.

Mom : I am not able to sleep! I feel sorry for what i did. I shouldnt have said that …..this thought process goes on and on till its 3AM may be

Dad: grrrrrrrrrr……Goes to sleep just within 5minutes

And mom be like how can these people wont take anything to bed and sleep peacefully?

I can give 100s of answers for this. *Jealous* πŸ˜›

Edit : In this answer i refer to cool guys whom i met. No generalization about guys or girls πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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