3 Heartbreaking Short Stories About Love That Will Move You

Being in love is a roller coaster and when you’re dangling in the air not knowing if you’re going to make it, it’s not a pretty feeling. But worse is when it falls fast and hard and you have no option but to go down with it. These three stories will show you what happens when love doesn’t go the way you want it to.

1. Cycling To Reality

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He looked at me from across the colony garden with this lopsided grin while hitting the brakes on his cycle, it wasn’t something he gave everyone, it sure made me feel like going over. But being 13 is way more complicated than people think it is. What would the girls say? What if my mom saw me? What if the uncles told my dad? But when he asked me if I wanted to sit behind him on the cycle, I couldn’t think about the rest of the world. So I did.

And I sat on the cycle for another 7 months, until he asked me if I wanted to sit there as his girlfriend. So I did.


It’s been 15 years since that day. Whenever I feel like my life isn’t what I wanted it to be, I escape into a world where that cycle was the happiest time of my day. Because that was the time I did what my heart wanted, no repercussions, no second thoughts, I just went for it, unlike last year when I saw that lopsided grin turn upside down as I returned the ring. Now those small fights, those disagreements don’t seem as big as the memory of the cycle and I wish there was a way to pedal backwards.


2. The Braid That I Never Forgot

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I didn’t see her. She wasn’t loud like the other girls, she wasn’t even one of those skinny, tripping on her heals and flicking her hair sort. Infact she tied her hair up in a no nonsense bun, as if she were trying to keep people at bay. I didn’t see her, but I heard her. It was one of the lectures I was dozing off in, I’d had my share of Shakespeare and I wasn’t interested in interpreting poems. So with my eyes half shut I heard ‘Patriarchy isn’t a way of life, so no the woman in this poem wasn’t waiting for her husband to come back, like you believe but she was waiting for inspiration’, from that day on I couldn’t unsee her.

Suddenly I went from hanging out with the B-Boying gang to chilling in a park just listening to her babble about her opinions on everything. What’s worse is I didn’t even know if my girlfriend knew who the President was, let alone her opinion on his policies, but I knew everything about this girl. So I spend my days giving her salsa lessons, her first smoke, reading her a comic book that seemed alien to her .

My girlfriend’s brown eyes were nothing compared to her bottomless black ones, her curly streaked hair seemed boring in front of her straight flowy strands, my girlfriend started became a blurring memory until she wasn’t.

Today I see my wife enter the door with her curly streaked mane and I can’t help but think about Her. Her hair was plaited shut so tight on the day she found out about my girlfriend, just like her, it had closed itself to me. I wish I had taken her out of the shadows, because if I had, my life wouldn’t be as dark as it is today.


3. Love Under Scrutiny of Society

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It wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t even close. It wasn’t his fault that we feel head over heals in love. We thought it was really clique meeting through a mutual friend in your 20’s. But we found our happiness in cliques, we’d call each other baby, honey, you name it, even though we cringed when another couple said it.

So we did the whole thing, he went down on his knees at an ice cream parlour and asked me to be his girlfriend, he got me lilies on those lame month anniversaries that we stopped keeping track of. We’d fight as passionately as we’d make up.


We had our opinions and I loved him for being the moody, adventurous, smart ass that he is. But the reason I love him so much was because I hadn’t met a guy who could give 10 bucks to every beggar he saw, stop the car when he saw an elderly person, a family, woman or kids who were trying to cross the road, someone who gave his first salary to his mom and someone who would do anything for people he cared about.

So I know it wasn’t his fault that our parents didn’t think we were old enough to decide who we could love. I don’t blame him for wanting to concentrate on his career rather than getting married and I definitely don’t blame him for not showing up to my wedding, as the groom walks into the wedding venue. But I refuse to take my eyes off the door. Because he always comes through.

Until that day….

Which story did you like the most. let us know in the comments.


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