This 4 Wheeler By Bajaj Is Perfect For Indian Roads And Traffic. Yet, You May Have Not Heard Of It

“I love to wait under the sun to catch a taxi till my shirt sticks to my body because of sweat”, said no one ever.

If you’re convinced that taxi fares are getting ridiculous every passing day & you’re spending more time stuck in traffic jams than anything else, then welcome to the club. To solve these issues Bajaj has come up with something cute. 😀

Bajaj has come up with the cutest 4 wheeler ever and it’s name is just as befitting, Qute.

Image source

This quadricycle is a revolutionary invention and one that will solve a lot of transportation problems we face in metros. But why is it so awesome you ask?


When you’re stuck in traffic and you see that little ray of hope, a U-turn, Qute can fit through the tiny space and get you to freedom.

Image source
Image source

Well, this little savior is compact enough to take a turn right in the middle of jam packed roads. That’s because the U-turn radius isn’t much at all and you can maneuver your way to a less crowded road with limited glares from commuters around you.


It looks oh so adorable!

Image source
Image source

No wonder they named it Qute! Doesn’t it look like a cute car from the future? 😀


Its speed is exactly what you need in the city (and probably exactly what your parents wished for 😉 )

Image source
Image source

It peaks at 70km/hr and rightly so. If you are too afraid to sit in a car where you have to keep chanting Gayatri Mantra, worry no more, the Qute is here.


It runs on CNG, Petrol and LPG and has a mileage of 36 kmpl

Image source

“Madam ji, Rs. 20 extra dedo. Milege kam hai.”
“Bhaiya ji, kisne bola tha yeh car lene ko? Qute nahi le sakte the?” 😐


It’s your way of saving the environment

Image source
Image source

It’s the greenest 4 wheeler with emissions as low as 66 gm/km. Feel like a responsible citizen already?


It’s as Desi as it gets

Image source
Image source

It screams Indian make and it has been tested for Indian roads, which makes it all the more befitting for travelling within our metros.


It has got ample space in the trunk & it has the capability of making some more

Image source

It has a 60-40 split rear seat, which basically means you can fold down 60% of the rear set to get more space in the trunk, while 40% still remains available for a person to sit.


It not only looks out for passenger safety, but also pedestrian safety.

Image source
Image source

Since the damage after an accident depends on the speed & weight of the car, Qute’s compact size and the upper limit of 70 km/hr make it a safe option, even for pedestrians. Moreover, it’s easier to turn the car to avoid sudden impact.


It’s already a sensation abroad

Image source
Image source

Qute has already made a mark for itself in 16 countries including Turkey, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

And now it’s time to bring it to India.

If you’re as impressed by Bajaj’s Qute, then let’s make sure it comes to India, by supporting it here #FreeTheQute.


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