30 Clever Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are some things you cannot control. You never know what is going to go wrong or when you’re going to fall into the pits of despair because of it. But there are some things that can be taken care of, in case life decides to test you. You get to challenge the predicament of fate and save yourselves from a lot of cumbersome work of repair.

I am definitely one of those goofy people who manages to mess up a lot, are you too?

Even if you’re not, these life hacks we’ve come up with, will help you to infinitely improve your lifestyle.

1.Mark your luggage

Image source

Tie a small piece of bright colored fabric to your baggage. It saves up a lot of time in identifying your bags.


2. Fill water like a boss

Image source

Use a clean dustpan to fill a container that’s larger than your sink when your only source of water is your sink tap.


3. Extend life of your charger

Image source

Use a spring from an old pen to prevent your charger from bending and breaking.


4. Wake up with a loud bang!

Image source

If the alarm of your phone is not enough to wake you up, put your phone in a cup or a glass. This will crank up the volume.


5. All that is lost can be found

Image source

Put a stocking over a vacuum cleaner to find tiny things that don’t come in the vision of the naked eye easily, like earrings and pins.


6. Organizing is the best policy

Image source1 2

Use binder clips to organize your cords and bread clips to label them.


7. The day you remember your pencils

Image source

If your jacket zip is stuck, rub a (humble) pencil over the zipper and miss the good old days of pencils.


8. Toothpaste keeps your teeth shiny, and apparently also your car

Image source

Use toothpaste to clear up hazy car headlights.


9. You never ever, ever, ever… have to find the end again!

Image source

Use a bread clip or a paper clip to save yourselves from finding the start of your sellotape.


10. Safeguarding password gets easy

Image source

Use an accented letter in your passcodes for phone or PC, no one will be able to guess it.


11. Squeezy bottle have multiple uses!

Image source

Use the top of a squeeze ketchup bottle to clean your keyboard, laptop, phone with a vacuum cleaner.


12. Heating food like a pro

Image source

When heating leftovers, leave some space in the middle, like a circle. This allows maximum part of your food to heat up.


13. Dessert cravings resolved in a jiffy

Image source

A quick way to make brownies is to use this recipe and put the mixture into a mug, then microwave it for less than two minutes; you’ll have yourself instant brownies in a single-serve portion.
If you’re lazier than that (like me) cut a banana, sprinkle cinnamon over it and add honey. Done!


14. Conquering the knots!

Image source

To open a knot, twist the loose end as much as possible. Now, push it out and, voila!


15. Turn packets into bottles!

Image source

To keep your big packet of biscuits or other snacks from going chewy, cut the top of a bottle and put the snacks cover through it. Cover the bottle cut out with the packet and put the bottle cover over it.


16. Duct tape to the rescue

Image source

The jar you just cannot open however hard you try? Worry not, just use a duct tape to open it effortlessly.


17. Pillow rejuvenation

Image source

Flat pillow? Put it in the sun for 30 minutes. The heat will soak up the moisture and you can use this time to reflect upon the poor decisions you’ve made in life.


18. Multipurpose Post-its

Image source

Before you throw a used Post-it in the trash can, use it to clean your keyboard by running the sticky side between the keys.


19. Give your nails some rest

Image source

Use a staple remover to keep your key ring open when you’re adding keys to it.


20. Walnuts can do this too!

Image source

If your wooden furniture has a ding, rub a walnut on it’ll cover it up.(magic!)


21. Flip-flop woes solved easily

Image source

Use bread tags to keep flip flops from coming apart and increase their longevity.


22. Color code your keys

Image source

If keys look too similar to you, paint them with nail polish so you can tell them apart.


23. Nuke it!

Image source

Clean your microwave by heating a mixture of water and vinegar for three to four minutes. With a quick swipe, the bits stuck to your microwave will come off.


24. When load shedding hits you

Image source

Make a makeshift lamp by strapping on a headlamp, torch or your phone onto a water translucent bottle.


25. Keep your lifestyle changes hush-hush

Image source

Only tell people about it after three to six months of making that change. This prevents people from bringing you down and also lifts the pressure off you for living up to your word. Keeping it to yourself also means you’re most likely doing it for yourself and not others.


26. Hot spooning yourself (sounds dirty, no?) 😛

Image source

Press a hot spoon on a mosquito bite to stop the itching. Use the spoon you stirred your coffee with. The heat will destroy the protein that is causing the itching.


27. Gaming music = concentration

Image source

The music is designed to have the right amount of stimulation — enough to keep you going and nothing too distracting. Listen to symphony remakes of game music if you are into classical music.


28. The most natural scenting of your home

Image source

Vacuum up two to three tablespoons of cinnamon before you start vacuuming your home. The smell of the cinnamon being heated up inside the vacuum will scent your home.


29. Depression cleaning to heal yourself

Image source

Cleaning when depressed will distract you and make you feel like you’ve achieved something when you are done.


30. Extreme Nutella love

Image source

The little spread that’s left in your Nutella jar can be utilized by throwing in a scoop of vanilla, and scraping the jar the proper way. That way no precious Nutella goes to waste!

Did you like any of these?

Let us know if you try any. :)

Cover Image Source 1 & 2


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