A Chattisgarh Sarpanch Took A Loan Of Rs 24 Lakhs And Built A School, And Toilet For Each Home

“Then give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you.”
– Madeline Bridges

An act of selflessness doesn’t require much, except a purpose. And Pramila Sahu, Sarpanch of Saragaon village of Raipur district, Chattisgarh, has proved so by taking a loan of ₹24 lakhs on her name and spending each and every bit of it on building toilets and a village school.

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Image source


Pramila who was ridiculed for not having any formal education herself did not let the mockery get to her.

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Image source

Instead, she did what any strong person would do. She not only started educating herself, but also gathered the elderly women of the village and started teaching them as well.


But most importantly, Pramila took a step that changed the entire face of the village. She took the loan of ₹24 lakhs on her name and build toilets in each house of the village and even a school for proper education of the people.

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Image source

Before this, 70% houses in the village did not have any proper lavatories and no proper facilities for girls. After Pramila was elected as Sarpanch one of her main agendas was to solve the problem of open defecation in the village and educate as many minds – young and old – as possible.


Pramila Sahu is setting an example for every person out there and it is people like her who are changing the face of rural India, one step at a time.

News Source: Bhopal Samachar
Cover Image Sources 1 & 2


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