Good News For The Unemployed. Hawaii Is Calling Out With Thousands Of Job Vacancies. Yay!

How many times have you wondered to live and settle in Hawaii? Well, Hawaii is calling out to you, people.

That’s right! Hawaii is facing a shortage of teachers and to fulfill the shortage demand, it’s seeking out teachers from the mainland.

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There are 1,600 teacher vacancies and The Hawaii Department of Education has been seeking out teachers from The USA (Chicago, New York, Portland, and Los Angeles).

Barbara Krieg, Assistant Superintendent for the Office of Human Resources, shared the sentiments and said this:

Teachers are in such demand everywhere. Every school district is trying to steal from the other’s district.


And what’s more awesome is that you don’t need a teaching certificate for it: just a BA qualification is enough.

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And any experience in children’s fields (babysitting, camp counselor…or anything).


There’s not a specific grade they are looking for: any grade would do. The positions are opened for even college grads.

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So yeah, the subject you majored in doesn’t matter. You just go, apply for a job, and there you go!

So there you are, people! Looking for a job and a good life? Move to Hawaii.

News Source: US News

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