Just A Tweet To Sushma Swaraj And Wife Of Merchant Navy Officer Got Passport In 2 Hours

Pizza comes to your doorstep in less than half an hour and an ambulance doesn’t. Long has it been since we’ve listened to this and believed in this. But thanks to social media and the immense presence it’s creating everywhere, this is about to change.

A very new and clear example of this is about Sangeetha Muralidharan, a woman from the Palakkad area of Kerala who applied for a passport on a Monday morning… and collected it finished within a couple of hours.

Image source
Image source

2 hours is unbelievable, right?


And all this happened because of one other Navy Officer, Sebi Thomas’ tweet to the MEA and her quick response.


To which, Sushma Swaraj was pretty quick to respond and tweeted this:


Sushma Swaraj wasted no time in giving instructions for the issuing of Sangeetha’s passport

Image source
Image source

Prasanth Chandran, RPO said that omitting the stipulated certification required to issue a tatkal passport was possible because of the MEA’s involvement.


But not only that, she even tweeted back to Sebi Thomas and Sangeetha wishing her husband an early recovery.


Sangeetha’s husband K.M. Sudheesh, a 35-year-old marine electro-technical officer, was repairing an accommodation ladder winch on the vessel when a ladder collapsed and caught his leg in a metal wire.

Image source
Image source

Sebi Thomas, general secretary of the Association of Marine Electro-Technical Officers said, “His leg tissues were severely damaged and his knee was fractured. Three major blood vessels had ruptured too. As his condition worsened, we got information about him on April 8. We immediately approached the MEA seeking support in airlifting him to the U.S. for better treatment, but by then the infection had become unmanageable, with the doctors recommending amputation to save his life. The surgery was successfully conducted on Saturday night. Mr. Sudheesh has just joined merchant navy after serving the Indian Navy for 15 years. He is fairly young and has two small daughters. I was in constant touch with him since April 8, as I realised he was not happy with the treatment there and giving up hope. When amputation seemed to be the only option, I sought Ms. Swaraj’s help on Twitter to speed up the procedure for his wife’s passport. We are grateful to the Minister for the swift action.”

We wish Sangeetha’s husband regains his health soon.
Kudos to Sushma Swaraj for putting social media to the best use possible

News Source: The Hindu
Cover Image Sources 1 & 2


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