RGV Managed To Piss Off Rajinikanth Fans By Tweeting About The Superstar’s Looks

Ram Gopal Varma is an unstoppable force of nature… with no direction. Apparently he proved the same when he started tweeting about Superstar Rajinikanth out of the blue

And he was absolutely confused about the Rajinikanth phenomenon:


Was that supposed to be a backhanded-compliment?


And then brought God into this.

God must have gone like “Oh Rajinikanth. What have I done now?


And RGV is proof what the audience most certainly DOESN’T like


He is a phenomenon, no doubt


But soon matters started getting out of hand when Rajinikanth fans lashed out on RGV


After which RGV had to swoop down and defend his tweets

Pro tip: Do not use this style of complimenting for your girlfriend/boyfriend


And tried to make things better by posting a video of Rajinikanth making fun of himself.

Did it help? Nope.


Meanwhile Kamaal R Khan jumped in, for no reason


That makes two of you


But no matter how much he tried, nothing was able to pacify Rajini fans


And in the end, he just gave up assuming Rajini fans were just dumb


And finally caved in. Because there’s no force that can beat Rajinikanth

Moral of the story? You don’t mess with Rajinikanth. Or his fans. Or anything related to Rajinikanth.

Cover Image Sources 1 & 2


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