This Is What Celebrity Status Updates Will REALLY Look Like After 10 Years

Have you taken the test? Of Course you have. We’re all guilty of doing it, though some of us smart ones might not post it our Timelines. So maybe you’re the one dumping Robert Downey Jr, or maybe you’ve found your Mr Right and if you were lucky you had some millions to invest. But it makes you wonder, what would our status updates really be like in 2026?

Here’s what we think our Facebook Newsfeed would look like…

1. For all those with Check-Ins at swanky Pubs, pictures of those drunk ass saturday nights, this one is for you!


2. When India banned sensibility.


3. What everyone is thinking but won’t say right now.


4. When someone wanted to see Mr Singh in all his sexiness.


5. When the Oscars started paying back for their oversight.


6. When IPL was running out of funds and motivation!


7. The time when Tusshar Kapoor decides to be troll the internet and it doesn’t go viral.


8. True story bro…


9. The budget that kept rising


10. And even then cricket was never the priority.


What do you think your real status update would be after 10 years?


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