81 Places Added To India’s Earthquake-Prone List, Know The Names Of The Cities/Towns


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India is witnessing frequent earthquakes in the last two to three years. With every passing year, more and more places in India are becoming vulnerable to earthquakes. On April 16, names of eight new cities and towns have been added to a government list of urban areas with “very severe intensity”, as reported by IndiaSpend. This development comes after the earthquake in Myanmar that took place on April 13, in which tremors were felt in many places across India.

81 new towns were added to the list of areas prone to earthquakes, bringing the total to 107. Earlier, only Guwahati and Srinagar were marked as ‘very severe intensity zone’ in 2007. The latest additions are Jorhat, Sadiya, and Tezpur in Assam, Bhuj in Gujarat, Darbhanga in Bihar, Imphal in Manipur, Kohima in Nagaland and Mandi in Himachal. The entire of the north-east region lies in seismic zone V.

IndiaSpend had reported earlier that nearly 60% of the sun-continental landmass is vulnerable to earthquakes, with 38 earthquake prone cities, according to the data of the National Disaster Management Authority. It had also reported that a big Himalayan Earthquake is overdue more than 500 years and no one can predict when it can happen.

Why is India at risk?

The Indian and Eurasian plates have been in conflict for 50 million years, with the Indian plate diving, northward, under the Eurasian plate. As many as 392 earthquakes of magnitude greater than three were located in and around India in 2015, the seismological network operated by Earth System Science Organisation-National Centre for Seismology reported.

Out of these 392, 136 occurred in India, 114 in Zone-V, 14 in Zone-IV, five in Zone-III and three in Zone-II, respectively.

What are the different seismic zones?

Zone II (Low-intensity zone): Where the intensity of earthquake on Modified Mercalli Scale is VI or less.

Zone III (Moderate intensity zone): The intensity is VII

Zone IV (Severe intensity zone): The intensity is VIII

Zone V (Very severe intensity zone): The intensity is X and above it.



The most popular Instagram accounts: in pictures

I01-kendalljenner.jpgn honor of Instagram’s fifth birthday, the social media app, which currently has approximately 400 million users, is looking back on its short, massively successful history.

Did you know the first photo ever shared on the app was a picture of founderKevin Systrom’s dog? The post only managed to nab 42,400 likes, which is paltry when compared with the most-liked photos in Instagram history.

So far, Kendall Jenner is winning the most popular photo competition by a mile. A picture of the model lying down wearing a Zuhair Murad dress with her hair shaped into hearts has 3.1 million likes. Taylor Swift’s photo standing next to a bouquet of flowers that Kanye West sent her after the Video Music Awards trails in second place with only 2.5 million likes


Instagram also revisited the first posts of some of its most popular users. Beyoncépremiered her account with a photo of herself sporting a “Texans for Obama” T-shirt. Katy Perry teased her first Vogue cover in 2013, and Rihanna debuted her BadGalRiRi feed with a Bob Marley image.

It’s worth noting that the top five most popular users on Instagram today are all women. Swift leads the pack with 49.7 million followers, proving cat photos and famous BFFs both have mass appeal. Her account is followed by selfie-pro Kim Kardashian West (48.1 million), pop queen Beyoncé (47.3 million), and former Disney stars Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande (46 million and 44.7 million followers, respectively). On Instagram, who run the world? Girls.

He said, “Sir I am the first time offender of the Drunken Driving why are you giving me such harsh punishment of standing in the sun and asking me to manage the traffic in this pollution”.

The policeman replied, “I want you to have the first-hand experience of the traffic control for the first time as this was your first time” as per The NewIndian Express

This was the punishment handed out by the Third Metropolitan Magistrate Court to 31 first-time drunken driving offenders in Hyderabad.

Traffic police rules say you can’t have a BAC of more than 35 mg alcohol on your breath. 16,138 people were caught with BAC levels in the 30-50 mg range in Hyderabad since November 2011. If you are first, timer you might get the crash course on traffic management.

We think it is a win-win situation for police and citizens, police get the part time cops to manage the traffic and offender gets a free course in traffic management and an understanding of what it likes to be a traffic police.

This is a nice way of punishment and should be encouraged and implemented in other parts of the country as well.Drinking-Driving-750x500.jpg

What are the qualities that make women jealous of men?


Incident1 :

Me : Hey cool hairstyle ya. You look great!! Where did you get your hair cut?

He(friend) :Salon near my house

Me : how much did he charge you for this?

He: 100 bucks

Me (inside) : Even i got my hair cut. He didnt even notice and moreover i spent 2000. These guys , need not spend too much! :/

Me(outside) : Ohh nice nice. Awesome!!

Incident2 :

Me: (At 1.00AM) Hey whats up?

HE (friend): Going out to RAM KI BANDI (A famous dosa point in hyderabad) will you come?

Me : No, you guys carryon (Jealous level raises to 1000)

How can you people go out when ever and where ever and how ever you want *jealous*

Incident 3 :

Me : hey i am so sorry, I lost the Sennheiser(which nearly costed 4k) head phones which you gave me the other day 😦 I left it in the cab and i called the cab driver but it isnt there. I am really very sorry for that 😦 😦 (Almost crying)

Cousin(brother): Hey its okay..chill.. i will get another one. no problem. Now smile 😀 (he might be scolding me badly inside but he never showed it)  _/\_ _/\_

I mean seriously!! How can you be so cool man! I will start worrying and will shout at my sister  even if i dont find my kajal stick 😛


He: coffee?

Me : hey ,i am sorry about that day.

HE : about which day?

ME : so you dont remember, me talking rudely?

He : Oh that one. Take it light yar. No problem. Coffee?

Me : ya sure 😀 (What a man he is!! If it was me i would have expected a 100 sorry s)

How can you guys take everything light!! I wish i was like you :/ *jealous*

Incident 5 :

After a big fight at home.

Mom : I am not able to sleep! I feel sorry for what i did. I shouldnt have said that …..this thought process goes on and on till its 3AM may be

Dad: grrrrrrrrrr……Goes to sleep just within 5minutes

And mom be like how can these people wont take anything to bed and sleep peacefully?

I can give 100s of answers for this. *Jealous* 😛

Edit : In this answer i refer to cool guys whom i met. No generalization about guys or girls 😛 😛

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